How to sanitize Jewellery during Coronavirus outbreak

How to sanitize Jewellery during Coronavirus outbreak

While washing our hands, our face, our clothes, but we often forget to clean our jewellery. Daily-wear accessories can be a hidden place for germs and also be a carrier for the virus that has the world bowing down to it. Whether you’re washing your hands or taking a bath, make sure you clean your jewellery as well. And, now that we are being extra cautious of protecting ourselves against the deadly Coronavirus, we need to pay heed to clean our jewellery as well.

Jewellery like rings, bangles can be full of bacteria or viruses. Cleaning of your jewellery is as essential as cleaning off your hands. For example, if you take off your ring and put it back, you can recontaminate your hands again. The same can happen with your jewellery. Here are a few suggestions you can follow to keep yourself clean and safe:

1. Avoid wearing heavy jewellery

It’s best to keep it minimal with jewellery at home. Avoid wearing semi-precious and precious stones and jewellery at home, as they can be tough to clean.


2. Don’t use a sanitizer on jewellery

There is a possibility that an alcohol-based hand rub can damage your jewels. Avoid using sanitizer especially on gems, as it can damage the surface of the jewellery.

3. Take off your jewels before washing

Whether you’re washing your face or hands, it’s best to remove the jewellery first. Germs, soap and even lotion can collect under jewellery items and even behind the stones and diamonds. So, take them off and wash them before wearing them again.

4. Wash it with lukewarm water

One of the best ways to clean jewellery is with a mild soap. “The best practice is to remove them, wash them separately with soap and warm water. Now, wash your hands following the 20-second rule and let them dry.



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